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Hi everyone! I am looking for friends age 30 and over that have a positive outlook to share.

A little about me:

I am female. Self employed. I turned 36 at the end of January. I have been on LJ for ten years - since 2002. When work isn't consuming, I average writing 3-5 entries per week.

I am engaged to be married to my partner of nearly ten years. He is age 45. He and I recently relocated to another state from Southern California. Before our move I had exotic fish in a saltwater aquarium as my pets. I am also a cat-lover and have two adult cats. ♥ I assemble jigsaw puzzles, have a rock tumbler and keep myself busy with other random crafts, novice gardening and other projects. :)

My journal is: Partially friends-only / Partially public entries.

I write most about domestic life, my cooking "experiments", and my hobbies. Those entries are complimented by life's silly other adventures. I post TONS of photos under an LJ-cut. Most every time you see an entry from me, I've got pics to show you complete with a story!

I hope to meet some new people on LJ who think they are interesting enough to read and keep up with regularly. I don't expect a comment on everything, but I would like for the connection on LJ to be at least somewhat interactive. I am not into the 'silent lurker' thing.

~~I'll be honest, I do not friend everyone back. Generally people with a hundred friends and communities to sift through and keep up with are not the type of connections I'm looking to be a part of.

♥ My interest keywords summarize my hobbies, general thoughts, beliefs, and my life's perspectives.

For as long as this post is visible, if it's 2 weeks or 5 years, I am open to adding.

My profile is located here. If what you read on my profile page resonates with you, please send a message to my inbox to introduce yourself and add me. You can reach my PM inbox ---> here.

Thanks for reading!



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