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Looking for friends


My name is John.  I am 30 and I live in Michigan.  I like to read, listen to music (hard rock, metal, industrial), watch court shows and Adult Swim.  Some of my most favorite bands are Rammstein, Korn, Blue Felix, Tenacious D, Slipknot, and Orgy.  My favorite books are The Kingkiller Chronicles, any Stephen King novels, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and The Hunger Games.   I like to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero on PS3.  My favorite TV shows are Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, Judge Judy, almost everything on Adult Swim, Yes Dear, and King of Queens.  My favorite movies are Liar Liar, Mr Deeds, and The Mask.  I am looking for some LiveJournal friends.  :) 


Aug. 10th, 2012 01:56 am (UTC)
I've had LJ since 2003 but started to become unmotivated for over a year a year or two ago and didn't post that much. But towards the beginning of the year, I found myself drawn back to LJ and have been motivated ever since to liven things back up.

I watch cartoons, but just South Park, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad and The Simpsons. But only the ones I have on DVD. I don't watch them on TV as I have so many DVD's to watch. I don't watch much TV, just wrestling on a weekly basis, that's about it.

Added ya back.
Aug. 10th, 2012 02:33 am (UTC)
I have tons of DVD's also. Most of which i have ripped from ones that i have rented. I haven't been on LJ in a while due to the fact that it just wasn't fun anymore. So i came back in search of friends who like to comment and stuff. Who is your fav, wrestler? I used to watch WWE every week and was caught up on everything... now i hardly watch it so i dont know anything lol.
Aug. 10th, 2012 02:41 am (UTC)
My place looks like Blockbuster. I have tons of DVD's that I haven't even watched yet cause of lack of time. And they're all alphabetized. I watch them in order. One shelf is all movies, another all TV shows, another all sports and music. I've seen all the sports, music ones and most of the TV show ones. I'm on the final season of Third Rock From the Sun in my TV shows. lol

Favorite all-time wrestler is a toss up between Brian Pillman and Steve Austin. I watch it religiously every Monday and Thursdays I watch the competition, TNA.
Aug. 10th, 2012 08:02 am (UTC)
I have 2 cd binders full of movies from action, comedy, tv shows, concerts. My girlfriend also makes dvds of all the concerts we go to. We have been as far away as Chicago which is about 9 hours from where we live. I love going to shows. I have been to several in my day. lol. I am currently watching a comedy from England called Fourtysomething on our Netflix. It is pretty funny even tho there are only 6 episodes lol. I wish i had a shelf or multiple shelfs for my cd's. because i have 1000 + cds and they are just chilling in a plastic tub for right now lol.



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